The mission of HBCU IMPACT® is to increase the number of Black professionals in the insurance, risk management, financial services and legal industries.

 HBCU IMPACT® attracts Black students to the industry by making them aware of the sector’s viability and the vast career opportunities that exist within it, across different disciplines. HBCU IMPACT® develops and mentors the students that it attracts through a variety of programs and outreach initiatives. Through year-round educational modules, networking events, seminars and personal mentoring,  HBCU IMPACT® prepares students for licensure in the industry and placement in careers with established companies. Our work increases the probability that these new insurance professionals will stay in the industry and thrive.

Insurance companies were, historically, the largest Black owned businesses. These companies largely provided the capital in Black communities for mortgages, business development and communal prosperity. The Black insurance agents who worked for those companies were the community’s most important actors in its financial ecosystem. Increasing Black representation in one of the world’s wealthiest industries isn’t merely a strategy to address Black employment, it’s an imperative in the pursuit of economic equality and real, equitable inclusion in the global marketplace. 

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